About Marmelo | Croatian brand of handmade bags and accessories

I am Dunja Sučić, modeler of bags and fashion accessories that come into being in the Marmelo creative workshop.

Dunja Sučić | Photo Darija Cikač


The beginning.

It all began in my basement where I, drawn by curiosity and the need for artistic expression, made my first handbag. My calling was defined by the pleasant synergy of leather, tools, the workshop and machinery defined my life calling. After that first test model things progressed quickly and the Marmelo bags and fashion accessories have successfully found their way into the hands of many satisfied customers since 2010.

Dunja Sučić – owner of Marmelo bags in her workshop.

Dunja Sučić in her Workshop | Photo Vanja Vrkljan


Who is Dunja?

Seeker. Dreamer. Modeler. I am a person who doesn’t like labels. In love with my work, that allows me to be dynamic and to be a channel for the transformations I enjoy so much. Learning new things gives me wings and allows me to continue on my journey, and this exchange of energies, I believe, is the foundation of many things in life.

Marmelo bags - Specialized leather sewing machines.

Specialized Leather Sewing Machines | Photo Vanja Vrkljan


What drives her?

I love taking a casual approach in seeking inspiration, but in doing so conform to the laws dictated by the raw material itself. Marmelo design merges the freedom that brings unpredictable creative flows of expression with almost a Spartan dedication to pedanticity.

Dunja Sučić, owner of Marmelo bags cutting leather in her workshop.

Dunja cutting Leather | Photo Vanja Vrkljan


How is a Marmelo bag created?

Delving attentively into the flows and roots of my own inspiration I try to breathe a story into each collection; permeating every stitch, thread and button of the final product. Every item is hand made in Croatia with a dose charm carried over from the old trades, shot through with a thread of futuristic minimalism.

Marmelo bags leather pile at workshop.

Leather pile | Photo Vanja Vrkljan


What about the material?

Leather is the lead protagonist in my fashion game, intertwined with materials such as cork, rubber and metal to make the game more interesting. This play of material and form itself is the defining trait of a Marmelo bag design.

Who chooses to have a Marmelo bag?

A person who identifies themselves with this fashion story in which products have a strong personality and are in the vein of Slow Fashion. Perfect for people who like to create their own unique style and enjoy the emotion that Marmelo item produces, drawn to the aesthetics of Futuristic Minimalism.

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