Samurai Bakku Pakku Backpack


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The Samurai collection leather backpack, a combo of style and efficiency worthy of the urban warrior tackling eveyrday tasks, social engagements and travel.


Samurai Bakku Pakku
Bakku pakku – japanese word for Backpack

The Samurai Samurai Bakku Pakku backpack is a combination of style and efficiency. It is aiming at the urban warrior tackling everyday tasks, social engagements and travel. Also, you can access the roomy main compartement of the bag by unzipping the the zipper hidden in its upper fold. Plated, smaller bag is in the front, sporting a magnet clasp.

The design evokes the appearence of the Samurai armor. It is utilizing the same crafting of plates and cord, as well as giving the design the movability of the japenese warrior apparel.  The bag handles are adjustable. The lining has a keyring hook and a zippered pocket. The bag comes with a protective cloth sack. Made in Croatia.


Additional information


Width: lower side 36 cm, topper/upper side 32,5 cm
Hight: 35 cm
Depth: 8 cm
Handles: adjustable

Little bag:
Width: 15 cm
Hight: 17 cm


Outside: 100 % beef leather
Lining: 100 % poliester


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