Tango M Bag – Black


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Tango M Bag is an industrial leather-coated hard panel, created through a special process in leather technology.


Tango M Bag – Black

Find your Tango flow.
Wake up your sex appeal.

A bag on an industrial leather-coated hard panel, created through a special process in leather technology, the bag sports an embossment reminiscent of a keyboard as its graphic element. This specific bag form, similar to an accordion asks the question of „If the bag were music, what kind of music would it be?“ Tango.

The bag is made of leather. It is composed of two elements:

  1. The board

Lined skin on conit board which has an opening at the top like a handle, through which a leather reinforcement is drawn. A longer handle can be attached to an existing handle. The bag is fixed to the board.

  1. Bag

It is made of three parts: the front with relief, the side moldings and the back. The bag closes on top of the zipper, which in its end is sealed with leather. The inside has a zippered pocket lining. The bag comes with a pad that keeps fit and with a protective canvas bag.

Made in Croatia.


Additional information


Width: 42 cm
Hight: 34,5 cm
Thickness: 0,7 cm
Strap: 74 cm (37cm)

Width: 35,7 cm
Hight: 23,5 cm
Depth: 5 cm


Board: 100 % beef leather
Lining: 100 % poliester


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